Our values

When you think "HOME", you think "KITCHEN"

It is the beating heart of every home. It's in the kitchen that magic happens every day. It is a place where we  learn the very first flavors, where we discover the secrets of family culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation and where we cherrish the most delicious home-made dishes, that stay in our memories for entire lifetime. It is a place where the words: FAMILY, LOVE, SHARING have the truest and deepest meaning, and their beauty is reflected in delicious meals prepared with caring hearts.

Time spent in the kitchen and at the table with loved ones cooking together, sharing food, talking, laughing becomes the happiest moments that turn into unique memories and build lasting bonds between generations. These are the moments that are the essence of the human being, that define us and that lie at the foundation of our whole civilization. 

In recent years, life has accelerated significantly, and in the daily rush there is not enough time to spend it with loved ones. Celebrating meals together is often the only time during the day to meet the family. That is why, as Aviko, we want to participate and support our consumers in these petty, but so precious moments, offering products and solutions tailored to modern needs, but with care for the beautiful tradition of home-cooked meals. At Aviko, we understand very well that every day is a challenge to prepare something unique and delicious for our loved ones. That is why one of Aviko's concepts to support cooking and dining together is the Aviko Cooking Week.

These are 6 days for which we create inspirations with our products from the highest quality potatoes, which result in simple recipes for tasty and healthy meals that can be prepared by anyone, even with basic knowledge of cooking.


Because what is most important in cooking is being together... That's why - bring joy to your tables with AVIKO!

About Aviko

Since its foundation in 1962, Aviko has become one of the four largest potato processing companies in the world. Royal Cosun became the sole owner of the Aviko brand in 2002. With a market share of 50%, we are the global market leader in the category of frozen fries - we have achieved this by combining our many years of experience and extensive product knowledge with efficient logistics processes, and above all with our customer-oriented approach.

By choosing Aviko, you choose a partner:
- with proven experience and knowledge
- focused on a full understanding of the consumers' needs 
- with a global reach and a strong position in Europe
- believing in stable, local cooperation ('Think global, act local')
- strongly connected with the most important farmers and fruit growers
- with a wide, full range of the highest quality chilled and frozen potato products
- innovative in the category of value added products
- with a dedicated, professional team of sales representatives in both retail and gastronomy
- with reliable and prffesional logistics service, both for frozen and chilled products

Let's talk... Let's get to know each other better... Let's meet at the table!